The Truth Behind Alcoholic Beverages

The consumption of alcohol is increasing with time; at some level it is beneficial but excess use can be health hazardous. It is a belief about French paradox, that the people of France eat fatty and high cholesterol food but still have less number of heart problems in their country because of the high usage of wine. Expert says that the rare wines works as a dietary agent which protects the people from harmful nutrients but it has no such truth behind. Probably the reality behind the good health of French people is they consume more whole foods and they have a healthier lifestyle to follow which keeps them fit and keeps them away from any diseases.

Impact of consumption

Excess of everything is bad, same the rule applies for the drinks; taking a small amount but not so frequently can be beneficial such as it helps in reduction of blood pressure and also avoid heart strokes but if you are a regular drinker and taking more than 2 drinks may cause your health damages in long-run. A moderate use of wine can helps to reduce depression, improve digestion, mitigate the risk of diabetes and lower the chances of cancer.

However, it has some benefits with the condition of moderate usage but it is an addictive drink which may cause some serious problems like the excess use of it can have opposite impact on health such as high risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, chances of liver cancer or in most extreme cases can lead to death.            

It is recommended to have only 2 drinks in a day for men and only 1 drink for women, taking more than that can be problematic. As alcohol is consumed, 33% of it directly mix with blood from the stomach lining and the remaining will slowly transfer to blood. The body has the capacity to control blood alcoholic level (BAL) till a limit, in excess of that limit is dangerous for health. Although it relaxes the mind, keeps all the tensions away and gives an immense pleasure which allows you to forget about the negativity but it has also some issues when used for longer period of time. Considering all the plus point and its disadvantages, it is necessary to keep the things in the limit to get the maximum benefits. However, the best recommendation about the intake of alcohol can get from the doctors who have more knowledge to give guidance on this matter.