Repairing An External Hard Drive Without Damaging The Data

These days everyone is depending on external drives, as compared to concealed hard drive due to numerous reasons such as: carrying the data while travelling, create back up (due to the fear of losing the data). Certainly it is a successful way to restore the data wherever and whenever required. Although it has nothing to do with the prevention of data damaging which means, external hard drive doesn’t give any guarantee of protection of data in case of damaged external hard drive. Certainly there are some ways to repair a broken external hard drive.

Use first aid: first aid is a famous utility which is used to save the external hard drive and provide a complete package of recovery. The way to apply first aid in utility tools can rectify numerous disk problems. A common issue of shutdown of multiple apps suddenly is a symbol of disk corruption. There are some simple steps to follow to execute the first aid tool. Go to the utilities in the disk utility option; choose the external hard desk which requires repair from the menu bar given on the left side of the screen. The final step is to click the ‘first aid’ button given on the top of the panel to ‘Run’ the repair.

FSCK command (for macOS): It happens sometimes that even after successfully repairing the external hard drive things doesn’t work, especially when the client is using macOS. One can easily try the luck by using safe mode or command prompt functionality. To elaborate further, go to the ‘utilities’ than ‘terminal’ simple key in ‘diskutil list’ in order to check the names, labels of all the connected devices, thirdly locate the external hard drive which require the repair and don’t forget to search the disk locator. Simply restart the Mac with which the external hard drive is connected and right before the appearance of Apple logo keep pressing “command and s” in order to enter the uni-single mode. Finally let the white letters scroll and wait for them to stop then type /sbin/fsck –FY and press enter to execute. After doing the complete checking and repairing the issues present in the external hard drive; reboot through command prompt window and let the Mac restart.

Reformatting: this is a universal way to eradicate the issues present in the external hard drive, simply reformat the external hard drive (but this can only be possible when the data is already backed up somewhere). Although reformatting is also difficult to execute on macOS as it requires some serious coding and knowledge of macOS.

All aforementioned tools are effective depends on the nature of repair, it is highly recommended to seek professional help from Recovery Squad Data Retrieval Group instead of DIY techniques; if the data is too crucial do not take risk of trial and error as it may cost a lot of trouble and cost.