Transportation is the safest way for us to travel and go here and there. It has shortened the distances. Over time, the vehicles and their machinery were upgraded regularly. Not only machinery but the whole system of traffic has gone through a massive change. There is proper education on traffic rules, and we are taught how to act on them. Everyone follows the rules of being a responsible citizen.

Keeping in mind the urgency and importance of traffic signs or any electronic signal, or messages on road for their safety the Samson Hire introduces its services.

Why Us?

Samson Hire is the top brand in Melbourne for Visual truly and enhanced impacted signs. We broadcast your message like never before. There is a wider variety of appliances and equipment of hiring i.e. variable message sign, plus several additional options. The VMS is variable with multiple uses, like roadside construction, marketing purposes, for local and traffic controlling and management use .these are the multiple uses of these boards that are used here. In our services package, we may offer the boards for marketing, and delivering your message to traffic lights in Melbourne. The services are facilitated by electronic media and ways.

We take pride in our legacy and in time services.

What did We offer?

This method works for several reasons and we make it attractive enough to grab all the attention. Keeping in mind the various requirements we offer VMS hiring differently. The services are altered and delivered in a way to suit the needs of all the people.  The services range includes light tower to small colour signs for advertising, speed advisory board to lights of traffic, rooftop balloons to large message boards, arrow, and dancing board men. This diversity gives you an option to choose what are you after. With an experience of 20byears and offering competitive prices with guaranteed gratification. Though offer affordable prices, still our quality is never compromised. We offer the best services with the best pricing and never fail to amaze our clients.

All these services give an idea about the mind-blowing ideas of our team. How professionally we deal the matter and let you know about the marketing strategies. The ideas of making and presenting your message worth looking for are told by the team.


Get in touch with the team and communicate about your requirements. Call us, and we will tell in detail what you are after, and what we can offer. The offered services met the range of everyone. As we know every person has different requirements. Come a trust us, it’s assumed here that you will not face downtime. Come and get yourself served by us. Check this link https://www.samsonhire.com.au/ to find out more details.