Beginners Guide To A Good Toned Body

Have you thought of starting to work out? If so, as a beginner there are some basics that you need to know and follow through with if you are to receive the results that you wish for and also achieve your dream targets. Here are some helpful guidelines to go by on your road to complete fitness.

Get the correct gear

You will not need a whole lot of equipment when you start at first. Just have some hand weights and resistance bands and the likes around so that you can challenge yourself. If you cannot find these use some fitted gallon jugs or even some heavy enough canned food tins if you have any. Lie down on a mat or a carpeted area so that you will not slip and inure yourself and have a mirror if possible so that you can see yourself working out. Take use of videos, classes and other resources to perfect the techniques and find out which moves are best suited for your body type.


Your diet should be just right, you do not have to completely eliminate carbs contrary to popular belief because your body needs carbs to burn off as energy! Just cut down on unhealthy amounts of carbs, too much fatty food and sugary food along with eating from outside and consuming readymade meals. Meal prep from the week and take your meals from home always. If you need, get the advice of a specialist in the field and start using a protein powder in your smoothies and shakes.


You should never work out all seven days of the week always. That is too much for your body to handle. Especially when you start, you should only work out three or four days a week and leave at least 24 hours in between workouts for your muscles to heal well. If not you will experience cramping, pain and soreness or even muscle injury. To better help condition your muscles you can use something like a BCAA supplement but you will need to be careful and get the correct recommendations first.


You can do your fitness routine at home, in the gym or basically anywhere that you are comfortable and free at. However, if you do have access to a gym use it by all means because you will then be able to use a wide range of equipment that you cannot use at home. Also because there will be instructors around, you will be monitored and stopped or corrected if you are doing a move wrong. This way, you can carry on with the right set of exercises without injuring yourself.